5th Asia Pacific Transport Working Group (APTWG) International Conference

Dalian, China

9-12 June, 2015

Workshop Topics

The 5th APTWG meeting will consist of
a. Plenary Session
b. Working Group Sessions
c. Poster Sessions
d. Young Researcher's Forum
e. Summary Sessions

Plenary Session

The purpose of the Plenary Session is to discuss the important topics in transport physics that have not been clarified yet. In this year, we have chosen the following topics for the plenary sessions:

1. "Generation and damping mechanism of plasma flow in toroidal plamsas" by K.Ida (NIFS)

2. "Challenges and opportunities of non-axisymmetric fields in tokamaks" by Y.In (NFRI)

3. "Effect of magnetic topology on MHD and transport in magnetic confinement fusion" by Y.F.Liang (Juelich)

4. "Overview of J-TEXT experimental results" by G.Zhuang (HUST)

5. "On collisionless zonal flow damping" by P.Diamond (UCSD)

Working Group Sessions

The purpose of the Working Group Sessions is to discuss problems that have not been clarified yet. Each working group includes theory, simulation and experiment, with the ultimate goal of being tests of theory, simulations and models against experiment. In addition, diagnostic needs and novel diagnostic ideas for a given area are also included in the scope of each working group.

A. Turbulence suppression and transport barrier formation

This working group focuses the physics mechanism of transport barrier formation and termination at the edge (H-mode) and interior (ITB) of the plasma. Topics of interest include (but not limited to):
- Hysteresis of transition of edge and internal transport barriers
- Limit cycle of L/H transition and ITB
- Role of turbulence, zonal flow, mean flow on barrier formation
- Barrier formation mechanism and radial propagation
- Pedestal turbulence and transport

B. Effect of magnetic topology on MHD activity and transport

The effect of magnetic topology on MHD and transport has been recognized to be crucial in the ELM suppression by RMP. Topics of interest include (but not limited to):
- Magnetic topology bifurcation, magnetic island, stochastization
- Effect of magnetic topology on transport, mean flow, zonal flow and MHD
- Interaction between turbulence and MHD
- ELM control by 3D magnetic field

C. Non-diffusive contribution of momentum and particle transport

This working group focuses on non-diffusive term of momentum and particle/impurity transport that are observed as intrinsic rotation and particle/impurity pinch or exhaust. Topics of interest include (but not limited to):
- Driving mechanism of intrinsic rotation, residual stress, kinetic stress, etc.
- Particle pinch and exhaust near the plasma periphery
- Impurity accumulation and impurity hole formation
- Reversal of intrinsic rotation and convention flow

D. Non-local transport and turbulence spreading and coupling

This working group is aiming to understand the physics mechanism of non-local transport and covers the following topics (but not limited to):
- Turbulence spreading
- Turbulence with long-range correlation
- Interaction between micro-, meso- and macro-scale turbulences
- Core-edge coupling in transport

E. Energetic particles and instability

The energetic particle drives various MHD instability that will be important in future devices where a significant contribution of energetic particles is predicted. The topics to be discussed in this working group are;
- Energetic particle transport and losses due to instabilities
- Control of energetic particle driven instabilities
- 3D effects on energetic particle transport
- Nonlinear phenomena (avalanche, frequency chirping, sidebands instability)

Young Researcher's Forum

The purpose of this forum is to encourage/promote discussions among young researchers. The discussion topics will be anything that is related to the scope of this conference, with emphasis on how to promote future collaboration among young researchers in Asia-Pacific region. The designated coordinator will organize the forum and nominate several representative researchers who lead the forum. One of the representatives will summarize the output of this forum at the Summary Session. There is no generally accepted definition of "YOUNG". If you feel that you are YOUNG enough to participate in this free-style meeting, you shall be there and present your ideas, comments, proposals, etc.

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