5th Asia Pacific Transport Working Group (APTWG) International Conference

Dalian, China

9-12 June, 2015

Social Events

Introduction of Dalian

Dalian is located on the southern tip of the Liaodong Peninsula of northeast China, with the Yellow Sea to the east, the Bohai Sea to the west, Shandong Peninsula to the south across the sea, and with the three northeastern provinces and northeastern part of Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region to the north. Neighboring Japan, Korea, DPRK and Russian Far East, Dalian is an important connecting point of Eurasia Land Bridge with the land area of 12574 square kilometers and the registered population of 5.885 million. Facing the sea in three directions, with a coastline of 2211 kilometers, Dalian is a well-known summer resort and livable city of mild continental monsoon climate with maritime characteristics and neither extremely hot summers nor extremely cold winters which has been awarded such honors and titles as ¡°Global 500 by UNEP¡±, China ¡°Habitat Award¡± and ¡°International Garden City¡±.

Dalian is the window open to the outside world, hosting various high-end international conferences including Summer Davos, APEC Senior Officials¡¯ Meeting, Asia Economic Ministers¡¯ Meeting, and WTO Green Room Meeting. Dalian has become the meeting place of Intel, GE, Ericsson, IBM, Dell, Wal-Mart and other major enterprises in the world which have launched the factories, opened the regional headquarters or established the R&D centers.

Dalian is a coastal city marked with the brand of ¡°A City of Romance¡±. The romantic coast and the long and quiet coastline are like the fish wire swung by the fisherman or the jade ribbon of the fairy maid that twists and turns into a fascinating lingering; the romantic old architectures of Gothic, Byzantine or Roman style in the streets of Dalian are like sculptures to show you the city¡¯s charm and unique glamour; the romantic festivals such as Dalian Chinese Scholartree Blossom Affairs, International Beer Festival, International Fashion Festival and other events have become an important stage to share its joy and passion with the friends both home and abroad.

Local Travel Agencies

China Youth Travel Agency

Addr:No.94 Shenyang Road, Xigang District, Dalian


China International Travel Agency Co. Ltd.

Addr:No.1 Changtong Street, Xigang District, Dalian


China Travel Agency Co. Ltd.

Addr:No.410 Jiefang Road, Zhongshan District, Dalian


Liaoning North International Travel Service Co. Ltd.

Addr:Rm515 International Hotel, Renmin Road, Zhongshan District, Dalian


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