5th Asia Pacific Transport Working Group (APTWG) International Conference

Dalian, China

9-12 June, 2015

Presentation Instruction


Plenary talks will be 30 min (25 min talk + 5 min discussion). Invited talks will be held for the each working group topics, slots of 25 min (20 min + 5 min) have been allotted. 20 min (15 min + 5 min) will be given to oral talks.

Young Researcher's Forum (YRF) invited talks will be 20 min (15 min + 5 min), while 10 min (8 min + 2 min) will be given to YRF oral talks.

All speakers are requested to upload and test their presentation at the latest 30 min before the session with your presentation. Please consult the conference organizers for instructions on where to upload your file.


Poster board is 100 cm wide by 182 cm high, which will accept A0 sized poster in portrait. The organizers will provide fasteners for the posters. A plan for the poster boards is given at the `Conference Program'. IN PRINCIPLE, ALL THE PRESENTERS SHOULD MAKE A POSTER PRESENTATION.

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