5th Asia Pacific Transport Working Group (APTWG) International Conference

Dalian, China

9-12 June, 2015


Objectives of the Meeting

The goal of the Asia-Pacific Transport Working Group (APTWG) is a predictive understanding of the basic mechanisms responsible for particle, momentum and energy transport in magnetically confined plasmas (MCP). It is essential to characterize the correlation of fluctuations in space and time responsible for the non-locality of the transport and the non-diffusive features of transport, which appear in momentum, heat and particle transport. The 3-dimensional (3D) effects on transport, which have been recognized to be an important common topic in toroidal plasmas, are also emphasized in this meeting.

Working group of the Meeting

In order to realize the objectives, five topical foci have been identified for the working groups in this year:
A. Turbulence suppression and transport barrier formation
B. Effect of magnetic topology on MHD activity and transport
C. Non-diffusive contribution of momentum and particle transport
D. Non-local transport and turbulence spreading and coupling
E. Energetic particles and instability

Background of the Meeting

The Transport Task Force started during 1988-89 in the United State has fostered and guided works on plasma turbulence and transport for more than twenty years. In 1994, the European fusion community created a similar task force, which was inspired by the U.S. organization. In alternate years, the meetings of the US and EU TTFs are held jointly and every effort is made to foster collaborations between the research groups represented.

Based on the significant development of research activities on plasma transport and turbulence in the Asia-Pacific region, a formation of an Asia Pacific Transport Working Group along the lines of the US-EU Transport Task Force was discussed on October 15, 2010 during the IAEA FEC conference, Daejeon, Korea. Present at the meeting were K. Ida, NIFS; M. Yagi, Kyushu-Univ./JAEA; L.W. Yan and J.Q. Dong, SWIP; X. Gao, ASIPP; J. Y. Kim, NFRI; T. S. Hahm, SNU and PPPL; Y. S. Na, SNU; Liu Chen, IFTS, Zhejiang Univ. and UCI; P. H. Diamond, NFRI and UCSD. Profs. Diamond and Chen acted as advisors.

The 1st Asia Pacific Transport Working Group (APTWG) International Conference was held from June 14 to June 17, 2011, at the National Institute for Fusion Science (NIFS), Japan. The 2nd meeting was held from May 15 to May 18, 2012, at the South-western Institute of Physics (SWIP), Chengdu, China. The 3rd meeting was held from May 21 to May 24, 2013, at Jeju Island, Korea. The 4th meeting ws held from June 10 to June 13, 2014, at Kyushu University, Fukuoka, Japan. It has been decided that the 5th APTWG be held at Dalian, China, in 2015.

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