2nd Technical Exchange Meeting on CFETR and EU-DEMO Fusion Reactor Design

Beijing, China

19-21 March, 2018


Objectives of the Meeting

  • Exchange as detailed as possible latest progress on CFETR and EU DEMO designs;
  • Clarify rationale for top-level requirements, operational parameters for the Plant andtechnical options being considered for the components/systems. Also discuss readinesslevels of solutions being considered, including readiness before and after ITER;
  • Identify commonalities and differences in assumptions (physics and technologies);
  • Present / discuss project implementation schedules.


The meeting will involve about 30+50 technical experts from each Party and will last for three days. (see attached List of Participants)

EU coordinators

Gianfranco FEDERICI (EUROFUSION) / Wolfgang BIEL (FZJ)

CN coordinators

Jiangang LI (ASIPP) / Xiang GAO (ASIPP)

Local Organizing Committee

Xiang GAO (Chair) Email: xgao@ipp.ac.cn
Zhaoliang WANG Email: zhlwang@ipp.ac.cn
Jie ZHANG Email: jzhang@ipp.ac.cn
Lei XU Email: lxu@ipp.ac.cn
Defeng KONG Email: dfkong@ipp.ac.cn
Nan SHI Email: nanshi@ipp.ac.cn
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